First Swimming Lesson - What to take

What to take can seem very obvious but its always good to find out what the lesson or pool requires and this can differ. A good start is to familiarise yourself with the pool and this is particularly important if the lesson is for a child, as you want the child to feel as comfortable as they can before getting into the water. This is hard at the moment due to the pandemic but showing pictures of the pool online or even walking around the building can help. Your swim school should always be there to help so ask questions or ask other adults who already attend, people do love sharing experiences so just ask!

Dress code - Some pools have dress codes such as no long shorts or swimming caps to be worn by children with long hair. Also goggles and floats may be required especially at the moment as sharing is a no no.

Quick check list - 

  • Towels
  • Swimming costume/trunks/shorts (for both yourself and your child if appropriate
  • Shampoo/shower gel
  • Swimming cap/hat (if needed)
  • Goggles (check with pool)
  • Hair clips/hair bands
  • Locker money/coin
  • Floats/arm bands (these are usually supplied but worth checking)
  • Swim nappies
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face Mask (for communal areas before/after swim)