Swimming aids to help you learn

1. Noodles
Cylindrical pieces of foam which are used by all ages & abilities and they can be used in a variety of ways. Different forms of aquatic exercise, such as aqua aerobics or in a learn to swim environment. They are held out in front to use as a float while practicing leg kick, under the armpits as a support when swimming or between the legs or under the waist.

2. Kickboards
Kickboards are sometimes called floats and are commonly used to practice leg kicks. They are a great aid when learning to swim. Simply hold the float out in front of you, with your hands through the two hand holes or gripping over the top of the float. Try to get your body in a horizontal position at the surface of the water, then begin your leg kick. 

3. Pull Buoys
They help free your legs to focus on your arm strokes, whilst also developing upper-body strength. The pull buoy is a figure of eight shaped float, which can be placed between the thighs or ankles to provide support to the body without using the legs.  Using will help promote good body position, improved arm technique and a chance to focus on the correct breathing action. 

4. Fins
Fins, also known as flippers, are used by swimmers of all levels. For beginners, fins are a useful tool to develop the correct leg kick for front and back crawl. Fins are also great for developing core stability and leg strength, as well as improving technique.